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Air Purifier vs. Air Cleaner

At My Utah Air we market two main products. Both use water as a filter to clean the air inside our homes.
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Creates Natural Negative Ions

The Air Purifier

The purifier creates natural negative ions (NO OZONE) that have so many health benefits. They help with allergies, asthma, headaches, autoimmune disorders and so much more! Negative ions also weigh the dust levels down, so they help to clean our indoor air as well.

Cool! Then What does the Air Cleaner do?

Pulls Pollutants out of the air

The Air Cleaner

To put it simply, the air cleaner pulls all of the bad stuff out of the air. Things like germs, mold spores, bacteria, pollen, pet dander, dust mite droppings, fungi, mildew, viruses, VOC’s, off-gassing, and much more. All of these allergens and pollutants are trapped in the💧water. Only clean fresh water-washed air comes out!

Removing these triggers from our indoor air improves our health, and many are able to get off expensive medications that only mask our symptoms, yet our health conditions often get worse.

Great! Wish I could try it!
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Free Air Purifier

Our Special

Right now we are offering to come out and use our air cleaner in one room for Free, and give you one of our $200.00 air purifiers absolutely FREE!

You don’t have to buy anything! We promise!

We just hope that if you love our products you will help spread the word !


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