How it works

Natural Negative-Ions

Helps with allergies, asthma, headaches, autoimmune disorders. Also, negative-ions help to balance the serotonin levels in the brain, which helps with anxiety, depression, cognitive functioning.

To create balance in nature, massive amounts of negative ions are naturally generated every second of every day; when water molecules crash against another surface, negative-ions are released and the oxygen molecules in the atmosphere pick up these ions, becoming negatively charged. The air literally becomes electrified!Nature can produce thousands and up to tens of thousands of negative-ions, as measured per cubic centimeter.

Negative-ions give our bodies what they need to survive. For instance, if we are running down, they give us energy. If we are tired, they help us sleep. If we have anxiety, they calm us down.”

Studies have also shown that bacteria cannot survive in areas that have high negative-ion counts coupled with low positive-ion counts, so the longer that you introduce negative-ions into your home on a consistent basis, the healthier your home becomes!

Freshens The Air

The purifier naturally ionizes and recirculates the air in our home. Water is a natural deodorizer and water is the perfect diffuser. Just add your favorite essential oil.

Our air purifier recirculates the air in one room, while also creating natural negative-ions. Negative-ions help makes you feel awake, revitalized, and alert.

Our AromaTherapy AirPurifier not only purifies the air but also doubles as a diffuser!

Just grab a handful of your favorite flower petals, herbs, plants, or fruit peels and simply drop them into the water. You can now enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the pure essential oils that are released naturally into the water and into your home. Just the way mother nature intended!

Ready to Make a Change?

Start changing the way your air not only feels but how it affects you and your family today!