Water is used to create natural negative-ions.  In nature, the crashing of water on rocks or the crashing of the waves on the beach, releases negative-ions into the air.  At a waterfall, water crashes into a pond or onto rocks.

Negative-ions make us feel good.  They give our bodies what they need.  They balance the serotonin levels in our brain.  This helps relieve stress and create an environment of relaxation, which also decreases anxiety and depression. 

Negative-ions help us focus and concentrate.

Natural negative-ions are like the “vitamins of the air”.  They are vital to our existence.  They give our bodies what they need. 

For example:

If we are tired, negative ions give us energy.

If we are stressed, negative ions help us relax.

If we are experiencing insomnia, negative ions help us sleep.



Natural negative-ions are the life source of our human existence. They are the “vitamins of the air”

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