Remember when we were younger and clean air was so abundant and we had all the time in the world to go outside and enjoy the lakes, rivers and the great outdoors.  A day at the beach or a hike past a waterfall wasn’t something you had to schedule into your life.  It was just something you did.  And so did all of your friends.  The air is cleaner outside. You don’t have think about it.  It just is.

That’s because outside, the air is cleaned with water:  Every night, around 11pm until about 5am, we have an increase in moisture, or what we call “dew”. 

This moisture strips the pollutants from the air.  Water has a certain polarity that attracts pollutants, then it traps them.  The same thing happens when it rains; the water cleans the air, by striping the pollutants from it. 

The more abundant the moisture that’s in the air, the cleaner the air becomes.  Ocean-spray cleans the air.  So does the spray from a waterfall.  Lakes and ponds attract pollutants and trap them.  Rain cleans the air that we breathe, as well as snow and sleet.  These are all forms of water!

Wouldn’t it be great if we could clean the air inside our homes with water...?

And without getting anything else wet?

Well, it’s possible.

Let us show you how to clean the air inside your home with water.  Our system uses water as a filter.  The dirty air is pulled through the water and “water traps everything”. The only thing that comes out is 100% clean, fresh, water-washed air.  Your family deserves the privilege of breathing clean, fresh air.  And we can show you how.


Imagine a world with less stress... a world where we took more time to spend outside, breathing clean, fresh air... at the beach, in a park or even in a field of lavender...


Outside the air is cleaned with water